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MIFF/Revelation reviews in 4:3

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I recently contributed two film reviews for 4:3an online film magazine which I admire a lot. The first is of Bernadett Tuza-Ritter's documentary A Woman Captured and the second is of Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor's Caniba; both films recently screened at Melbourne International Film Festival and Revelation Perth International Film Festival.


THE CHILD IN WORLD CINEMA edited collection

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A new collection edited by Debbie Olson, The Child in World Cinema, will be published by Lexington Books this month. I contributed a chapter called "Abandon the Young in Tokyo: Yoshitaro Nomura's The Demon and Hirokazu Koreeda's Nobody Knows", in which I look at the phenomenon of child abandonment in postwar Japan and how it's represented in these two excellent films.

Kichiku / The Demon

Notes from the publisher:

This collection seeks to broaden the discussion of the child image by close analysis of the child and childhood as depicted in non-Western cinemas. Each essay offers a counter-narrative to Western notions of childhood by looking critically at alternative visions of childhood that does not privilege a Western ideal. Rather, this collection seeks to broaden our ideas about children, childhood, and the child’s place in the global community. This collection features a wide variety of contributors from around the world who offer compelling analyses of non-Western, non-Hollywood films starring children.

The hardback and eBook versions will be available through the publisher and on Amazon within the next few days.

Sightlines Journal 2017

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The second issue of Sightlines Journal is out, and features a range of films and filmed experiments which were screened at the Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Conference at RMIT University in late 2016.


The journal, which is run by the Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association (ASPERA), publishes the filmmaker's research statement and two open peer reviews alongside the films. I contributed a peer review of Catherine Brough-Brady's A Portrait of Judith Buckrich. You'll find it all here.

Book chapter in kaiju essay collection

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I contributed a chapter about Hitoshi Matsumoto's Big Man Japan for Giant Creatures in Our World: Essays on Kaiju and American Popular Culture, a new collection edited by Camille D.G. Mustachio and Jason Barr, and out now on McFarland.


I also participated in a "What Is Kaiju?" discussion with some of the authors, which has been published in a section of the book's introduction – most of which you can read here.