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Bamodi - A Push, a Shove (2013)

This is the first video I've cut together for Bamodi, a band I play in. Yes, I've resorted here to the Youtube-confined found footage/movie mashup used by many poor-ass bands who are either too lazy or broke to film their own video. The footage is basically a compilation of the most visceral and homoerotic (though only in this context) parts of Claire Denis's Beau Travail, one of my favourite films. However I wouldn't describe the film as either visceral or homoerotic (just erotic, maybe) and if you've seen it you'll know that this is a complete bastardisation of its beautiful images. But fear not, the film's power won't be diminished by a single shitty punk song. I've wanted to direct a video for this song for a while now, and I vaguely wanted there to be lots of movement, with two different styles/speeds of movement to mirror the simple structure of the song. After I recently re-watched Beau Travail, one of the greatest 'dance' films, I couldn't think of anything else to match the song with.

The song is from the Smell Heaven LP, released on Tenzenmen. Listen to/buy the album on the Bamodi Bandcamp page, right here.