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Revelation picks

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

The Perth Revelation International Film Festival is back, curated once again by Jack Sargeant. This year there's an Iranian Film Festival showcase, a real coup in Goblin performing live to Suspiria, a new film by Zach Clark (whose excellent Modern Love is Automatic we screened at Cinema in a Cave a couple of years ago), new works by some bignames (Kim Ki-duk, Michel Gondry) and the usual strong emphasis on music/subculture documentaries and lesser-known indie, underground and experimental cinema. Rev will also have a hub this year at Dome Leederville, run by the team at Brown Class Cinema and the now-defunct 1UP Microcinema. I particularly recommend Late Night Live on Saturday 13th July, a much-loved backyard talk show hosted by Tristan Fidler, which will operate outside their shed venue (Magnolia's) for the first time. I'll also be presenting a paper at RevCon Academic, the details of which will be released soon. Below are the six films I'll be using my mini-pass on: 

The Act of Killing 
Joshua Oppenheimer

The Fifth Season / Le Cinquième saison
Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth

Jail Caesar
Paul Schoolman

The Last Step / Peleh akhar
Ali Mosaffa

Pictures of Superheroes
Don Swaynos

 White Reindeer
Zach Clark