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New article in Alphaville Journal

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

I contributed an article about the Cronulla riot and Abe Forsythe's Down Under, the recent Australian film about it, for the new issue of the open-access journal Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media.

The issue is themed "Screening Race: Constructions and Reconstructions in Twenty-first Century Media" and is guest edited by Loretta Goff and Caroline Schroeter. Access the article directly here and the table of contents here

Tropfest article in Metro Magazine

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

The quarterly Australian film magazine Metro has published my article Shortcuts and Balloons: The Aesthetics of Tropfest in their winter issue (177).

Tropfest and its treacle-down influence has been bothering me for quite some time and this year I decided to take a close look at the finalists. In the article I discuss how the narrative and stylistic tropes of Tropfest films seem to be increasingly shaped by the shifting terms and conditions of the festival and the competitive culture surrounding it. I raise concerns about the impact this may have on the way Australian filmmakers approach the short film, and by extension, films more generally. I insist you grab a copy, read it and agree with absolutely everything I have to say, with no questions asked.

The new issue is available now, and you can preview some of the articles on the Metro website.