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Production Update: February 2013

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

The first half of 2013 will very much be a 'catch up' phase for me, while I tie up loose ends on completed or semi-completed projects that I didn't have time for last year. This includes preparing a DVD release of Three Hams in a Can (with hopefully a screening tour to follow later in the year), and finishing the final touches on House of Blue and No Encore. I'm also hoping to upload Recording Foley online and maybe get that screened at a handful of festivals.

Recently, we've wrapped production on a ScreenWest/FTI-funded documentary called Froth and Bubble (originally Four Wing) which Merlyn Moon directed and I produced. We've submitted a short version of the film to FTI, now we're cutting together a feature-length version. It's about a formerly notorious ex-crim who now lives a quiet life in rural WA, revisiting his past life and ruminating on life, crime and criminality.

Froth and Bubble , directed by Merlyn Moon

Froth and Bubble, directed by Merlyn Moon

In a couple of months' time, I'll be starting production on my PhD film, a feature-length documentary/fiction hybrid currently titled Zoe. More on that soon. In between, I'll be directing some music videos for Perth bands Bamodi and Water Temple (their video for Make My Body Die from One Generation's Tragedy is the Next One's Joke [Heartless Robot Productions] is embedded below). Tis all for now, bye bye.