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THREE HAMS IN A CAN screens at Gimme Some Truth

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

Three Hams in a Can will be screening as part of a new music documentary film festival run by RTRFM called Gimme Some Truth. The festival features ten films, including four Australian premieres and a world premiere.

This'll be the first screening of the film in a couple of years and the first in Perth since a fun backyard screening at Marron Descent, where Chris Cobilis, Pex Delibasich, producer Scott Bishop and I did a live commentary.


The film screens at 8:30pm Saturday November 30 at Luna Leederville.  You can see the whole lineup of films here and buy tickets hereChris, Pex and Stina will be spinning some tunes before the film.

Decibel concert videos

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

Now online is a bunch of videos I filmed for Decibel's Sounding a Room concert at the Western Australian Museum on the 3rd December, 2012. The audio was recorded by ABC radio. The programme featured premieres of commissioned works by Tristan Murail, Lindsay Vickery, Mace Francis, Lionel Marchetti, Erik Griswold, Cat Hope and Chris Cobilis (from Three Hams in a Can), as well as an arrangement of Lalo Schifrin's Scorpio's View (from the Dirty Harry soundtrack). 

From the program notes: "This concert focuses on the way music of different musical genres respond to acoustic space. Highlighting works with jazz, indie, noise, music concrete and minimalistic influences, the concert integrates the acoustics of the museum space as an important part of the works."

You can watch all the videos on Cat Hope's Youtube channel. I'm currently completing a documentary featuring Decibel, No Encore.