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Revelation Experimental Showcase

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

This year I was on the selection committee for Revelation International Film Festival's experimental film showcase, described by the festival as:

Personal Visions, Distant Dreams, Haunted Landscapes and Innerspaces. A selection of imaginative and fascinating experimental films, from abstracted forms through dreamscapes and diaries and uniquely personal explorations of the potentialities of cinema.

Displacements (Manuel Alvarez Diestro)

Highlights include Jerry Sangiuliano's Hello, Goodbye, Danielle Zorbas's Dodgem Paradiso and Manuel Alvarez Diestro's Displacements – the latter is among the best films I've seen all year. The full programme:

  • Shift (Max Hattler)
  • Supernova (Gregory Godhard)
  • Merge (Erin Coates)
  • Skin Freak (Ian Haig)
  • Dodgem Paradiso (Danielle Zorbas)
  • Drausen Ist Wo Du Nicht Bist (Friederike Hoppe)
  • Undefined Definition II – The Garden Isle (Nicola Walkerden)
  • Displacements (Manuel Alvarez Diestro)
  • Hello, Goodbye (Jerry Sangiuliano)
  • Airplane Dance (Amber Bemak)
  • Olivia (Tony Lawrence)

The programme screens twice, on Sunday July 6 and Thursday July 13 at Luna Leederville. Buy tickets here.