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Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy conference

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

I’ll be presenting a preview screening of my feature film This Used to Be Here at this year’s Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy conference. It will be held at RMIT University and will be a “two-day event that will focus on the developing field of filmmaking as a form of academic research.”

All the information can be found here.

Mission Control podcast about AFP incidents

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

Recently I was a guest on the podcast Mission Control, run by Darrell Sundai. I discussed my film crew's recent run-ins with the AFP counter-terrorism squad, which I also wrote about at some length here.

Since writing about the incident online, I've received a lot of words of support from people I've never met (this site got more hits in a couple of hours than it's had all year). It's nice to know there are many others who agree on how fucked the whole affair was. My thanks to Darrell for taking interest and having me on his show.

 You can listen to the podcast here or search for it on iTunes.

Pedro Costa paper at RevCon Academic

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

This week I'll be presenting a paper at RevCon Academic, the academic sidebar of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival that was introduced last year. In keeping with the festival's focus on independent cinema and RevCon's focus on the practical aspects of filmmaking, I'll be discussing DIY filmmaking in the context of Pedro Costa's In Vanda's Room. The paper is titled Patiently, Alone and by Necessity: DIY Art Cinema and Pedro Costa's In Vanda's Room and here's the abstract:

After three successful films that cemented him within the Portuguese film industry, Pedro Costa’s fourth feature In Vanda’s Room (2000) marked a radical shift in his approach to filmmaking – an approach he has kept since. Costa dispensed with a crew altogether, purchased a cheap DV camera, cobbled together equipment using household materials and visited Fontainhas, a now-demolished immigrant slum on the outskirts of Lisbon. Here, alone and over the course of a year, he would patiently shape a moving narrative about its impoverished, drug-addicted and forgotten inhabitants.

In cinema, DIY filmmaking is usually associated with documentaries, the avant-garde and micro-budget genre films. In Vanda’s Room straddles all three traditions and remains a landmark over a decade after its release, being one of the few examples of the DIY art film. Not merely an economic choice, Costa’s DIY approach is informed ethically by both his subject matter and his role as filmmaker and documentarian. The resulting film – its experimentation with form, narrative, duration and the boundaries between fiction and documentary – is a direct consequence of the practical methods used by Costa, and is an invaluable and neglected case study for contemporary independent filmmakers.

Here's the list of presentations. Register for RevCon Academic here

Day 1: Thursday July 11

Keynote Presentation & Introduction by Jack Sargeant
High Stakes – Russian Vampire Films. Dr. Greg Dolgopolov
Time is Not on Your Side: Primer, and the Case for Your Low Budget, High Concept. Liam Dunn
Stayin’ Alive: Tony Manero and Deviant Dictatorship. Lindsay Hallam
Surrendering Expectations of the Girl in Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty. Kyra Clarke
Horror Film Zines Australiana: The documentation of Horror & Independent Cinema by independent small press publications in Australia 1985-2012. Michael Helms
Creating the Contemporary Canon: A Conversation. Tara Judah
There is No Independent Cinema. Russell Manning
Uncertain Regard. Merilyn Fairskye

Day 2: Friday July 12

Producing the University Feature Film: Double Happiness Uranium. Tom Young.
Patiently, Alone and by Necessity: DIY Art Cinema and Pedro Costa’s In Vanda’s Room. Kenta McGrath
Run. Hide. Fight. — Defamiliarizing Violence and the Aesthetics of Survival in the Short Drama, Excursion . Stuart Bender & Mick Broderick
Performing Failure Context Collapse. Danielle Zorbas
Toads and the Conquest of Mexico: A partial reading of Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain. Michael Spann
The Eye of Maldoror: Un Chien Andalou meets The Day the Earth Stood Still. Leon Marvell
Can We Have a Falling Horse? Formal Boundaries of Social Realist Film. Grady Hancock
The Lion King – Capitalist Totalitarian Rhetoric at its Finest. Stefan Popescu