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Cinematic Thinking Workshop at UNSW

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

I'll be presenting a paper at the 5th Cinematic Thinking Workshop, which will be held at the University of New South Wales from 13th-18th November. This year's workshop is titled "Cinema's Realisms" and will be dedicated to reconsidering cinematic realism, addressing the question, "What questions do cinema’s realisms pose for understanding cinematic thinking?"

The workshop will be bookended by presentations by philosophers Alain Badiou (Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris) and Robert Pippin (University of Chicago) on the 13th and 18th, respectively. The workshop itself will be held on Friday afternoon (14th) and all day Monday and Tuesday (17th and 18th). My paper is titled Beyond Slow: The Problem of Realism in Contemporary Minimalist Cinema but I sure as hell can't be bothered typing up the abstract; the full list of presenters and abstracts should be published here soon.