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New shorts screening at FIDOCS

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

FIDOCS (International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago) will be screening three new shorts – Buen tiro, no hay problema, Las vacas de Albany and La hora pico – the latter is among a series of films I recently made in collaboration with Masters students at the University of Chile, under the tutelage of FIDOCS director and filmmaker Carlos Flores del Pino. I'll put up more information on these films in due course.

The shorts will be screened as part of a program for the 'gabinete' (cabinet), a 3x2m capsule viewing booth that accommodates one viewer at a time. It will be set up at the entrance to the main venue and will be free to the public.

FIDOCS runs in various venues around Santiago, 22-27 September.

Tropfest article in Metro Magazine

Added on by Kenta McGrath.

The quarterly Australian film magazine Metro has published my article Shortcuts and Balloons: The Aesthetics of Tropfest in their winter issue (177).

Tropfest and its treacle-down influence has been bothering me for quite some time and this year I decided to take a close look at the finalists. In the article I discuss how the narrative and stylistic tropes of Tropfest films seem to be increasingly shaped by the shifting terms and conditions of the festival and the competitive culture surrounding it. I raise concerns about the impact this may have on the way Australian filmmakers approach the short film, and by extension, films more generally. I insist you grab a copy, read it and agree with absolutely everything I have to say, with no questions asked.

The new issue is available now, and you can preview some of the articles on the Metro website.