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Rabbit Island - This Town (2011)

Rabbit Island a.k.a. Amber Fresh asked a bunch of people to pick a song from her album 'O God, Come Quick' (released on Badminton Bandit) and make a video. My first and second picks were snapped up but I was happy with the song I ended up with, which is quite unlike the others on the album. You can never go wrong with eels and jellyfish so I went to AQWA (The Aquarium of Western Australia) and filmed a bunch of stuff. This footage intercuts with shots from The Groundskeeper, an FTI-funded short film from 2007 that never saw the light of day because I wasn't happy with the result. The actor in that film and this video is Leigh Brennan, who runs the Hayman Theatre Group at Curtin University and is a right golden chap.