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Three Hams in a Can
2009 | 79 mins | available on VOD in late 2018

Synopsis: Summer 2008. Three Australian experimental musicians (Chris Cobilis, Predrag Delibasich, Stina Thomas) travel to Tokyo for a tour. There they perform their music and do what all tourists do: eat, drink, go sightseeing, take photos, befriend strangers and battle the gruesome humidity. The camera quietly observes these goings-on, occasionally straying off path to witness the tiny and magical moments of everyday Tokyo. Told in a series of fragments and full of heart and humour, Three Hams in a Can adopts a minimalist approach to documenting the tour and the strange, yet familiar world the musicians enter. It is part music documentary, part home movie and part meditation on friendship, loneliness and the strangeness of life.

Festivals: Biennale of Sydney, Bradford International Film Festival, Revelation International Film Festival, RTR Music Documentary Film Festival