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MIFF/Revelation reviews in 4:3

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I recently contributed two film reviews for 4:3an online film magazine which I admire a lot. The first is of Bernadett Tuza-Ritter's documentary A Woman Captured and the second is of Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor's Caniba; both films recently screened at Melbourne International Film Festival and Revelation Perth International Film Festival.


Water Features at BIKYFF

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Water Features, comprised of four short films I produced as part of the Perth Festival's Museum of Water documentary project, will be having its international premiere at the 13th Busan International Kids & Youth Film Festival


The festival runs between July 11–18 at the Busan Cinema Center, which is one of the most amazing facilities I've visited. 

WATER FEATURES documentary project

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For the past few months I've been working as mentor and producer on Water Features, an extension of UK artist Amy Sharrocks' Museum of Water project. The Perth Festival and Screenwest commissioned four short documentaries to be made by high school students from around Western Australia, responding to the theme "water that is important to you". 

The Source

The Source

The finished films will be screened as part of the larger Museum of Water exhibition which runs at the Fremantle Arts Centre 7 February – 23 March, and before the main feature as part of Season Two of the LotteryWest Film Program, the details of which are below:

The Source (Karratha Senior High School)
Devised and Created by Ryley Hinchcliffe & William Graham with Kenta McGrath
Screens before Gururumul (dir. Paul Damien Williams)
12 – 18 Feb (UWA Somerville)
19 – 25 Feb (ECU Joondalup Pines)
Small Flowers are Better for this Occasion (John Curtin College of the Arts)
Devised and Created by Charlie Morgan, Caleb Herbert, Jamie Luff, Hugh Paterson & Samuel Warnes with Kenta McGrath
Screens before Lean on Pete (dir. Andrew Haigh)
19 – 25 Feb (UWA Somerville)
26 Feb – 4 Mar (ECU Joondalup Pines)
Water Odyssey (Governor Stirling Senior High School)
Devised and Created by Eliza Boyle, Kaira Nissen-Tekani & Olivia Boyle with Kenta McGrath
Screens before Let the Sunshine in (dir. Claire Denis)
26 Feb – 4 Mar (UWA Somerville)
5 – 11 Mar (ECU Joondalup Pines)
Air Bersih (Cyril Jackson Senior Campus)
Devised and Created by Alexander Andrew Mhawira & Harper Tabb with Kenta McGrath
Screens before Foxtrot (dir. Samuel Maoz)
5 – 11 Mar (UWA Somerville)
12 – 18 Mar (ECU Joondalup Pines)

New shorts screening at FIDOCS

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FIDOCS (International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago) will be screening three new shorts – Buen tiro, no hay problema, Las vacas de Albany and La hora pico – the latter is among a series of films I recently made in collaboration with Masters students at the University of Chile, under the tutelage of FIDOCS director and filmmaker Carlos Flores del Pino. I'll put up more information on these films in due course.

The shorts will be screened as part of a program for the 'gabinete' (cabinet), a 3x2m capsule viewing booth that accommodates one viewer at a time. It will be set up at the entrance to the main venue and will be free to the public.

FIDOCS runs in various venues around Santiago, 22-27 September.

NO ENCORE premiere

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No Encore, a feature documentary featuring the new music ensemble Decibel, will finally see the light of day at RTR FM's Gimme Some Truth Music Documentary Festival, which runs from December 5-11. Here's a new trailer:

No Encore screens at Luna Outdoor Cinema at 8.30pm on Saturday December 6. Tickets can be purchased here. I'll also be doing a Q&A with other WA filmmakers the next night after a screening of their shorts. Head here for the full program, session times and tickets. The Facebook event page is here. You can find a walrus playing a saxophone here