Filmmaker, dog

Nice Shot, No Problem
2016 | 7 mins | HD

Synopsis: An amateur film crew are in the process of recording foley with their Japanese lead actor, for an unnamed film. The sounds of fiction and the sounds of reality begin to overlap.

Festivals: FIDOCS (International Documentary Film Festival of Santiago)

I learned that Hugh Thomson, the cinematographer, had the camera rolling and had accidentally framed a rather nice shot while we were recording foley for a short film. I later went through the footage to cut together a memento for the actor (Taro Mizuno), who was returning to Japan, and discovered that it was much better, in every way, than the film we'd set out to make in the first place (an FTI-funded short from 2007 that we never released; excerpts also appear in a music video for Rabbit Island). A few years later I fashioned this film using both the accidental footage and excerpts from the original film. It's also nice to know that a failed film still manages to exist in a small, different way.